Thursday, 4 January 2018

How to use google in china

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Today we will talk about how to use Google in china.
We all know that in china Google is no more, ever some peoples from china don't know what is Google then in china to use Google is a bit challenging task for all. China has recently banned what’s app messenger in china. Here is the list of social media banned in china.

Google & all its services
Google maps
What’s app

Android is the Google operating system so to use android phone in china also challenging. All mails, android update can’t be done without Google. So it’s very important to find a way to unblock all restrictions on Google, facebook, what’s app, twitter etc.
To unblock all these apps we need VPN services, virtual private network

There are many paid VPN services but here is the list of free VPN apps for android devices

Best VPN apps for android devices
      1)      PSIPHON
      2)      Turbo VPN

Best VPN for laptop/windows

1)      PSIPHON 

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