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Highest earning blogspot blog

Many peoples ask me which is the highest earning blogspot blog on the intenet or on google platform? can you make money on blogspot free blog? and many more questions which mostly asked by newly started bloggers, I also did the same when I started my first blog on blogspot.com. 

make money with a free blog

some of my friends think that google adsense doesn't entertain free blogspot blog, but its wrong blogger is belongs to google and google also want to promote blogger free blog which is blogspot.
Google investing too much money on blogger so they expect some of return from it,right? then if someone make money with a free blog then google gets more percentage as a commission from free blogspot blog than a wordpress blog. So think that when google has a more profit from blogger platform then google definitely likes blogger. But the problem is when we think to start a free blogger platform we doesn't take it too seriously like wordpress blog so ultimately blog quality (in terms of content ) not good or less posts, so google adsense program doesn't want to damage its strict reputation against less content or improper content. 

highest earning blogspot blog
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My advice to bloggers (specially blogspot blogs) is never ever give up , continue posting something special everyday (Only mantra to get money from blogspot) or you can check my post about how to earn money from blogspot blog step by step

Here are some of our friends who are making more than a wordpress blog, If they can acchieve this milestone with blogspot free blog then we also can, right?

This list is for blogger com earnings, (This is not ranking, last blog may earn more money from blogger or blogspot than first one )

Here is complete guide for how to create a blog for free and make money

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